Sunday, June 3, 2007

Chatteris Museum Exhibition

Could all artists who took part in the 'Fossils' day at Chatteris Museum please deliver their work to Jenny by 12th June 2007, ready for exhibiting in the display for 'Festival Week'.

Those who wish to visit the museum to finish off works or artists who would like to create works to be exhibited have another chance to visit the museum on 5th June after 12pm.

Those that took part in the 13th WorldWide Sketchcrawl at the museum may also display their sketchbook work at the exhibition, delivery as above.


Joannie said...

Thanks for details re Chatteris Museum. I'll look out the one and only trio of fossils I drew and get it framed up and possibly find frames for the two sketches I did during sketch crawl day together - though it means tearing them out of my lovely little soft pad you gave me. Ah well such is commitment.

Anita said...

Joannie, I hope to be displaying my sketchcrawl sketches still in their sketchbook. This might also be a consideration for you too, save you ripping things apart.